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In Defense of Hoarding

There are some indulgences that are better left unshared. That’s right. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay not to share. Parents, best friends, and co-workers take note.

Mind you, we love sharing. We know how enjoyable it is to introduce the people we care about to new and special finds. The more obscure and harder to source, the better. In fact, as much as 40% of our online sales are gifts sent from fans who are sharing in the smartest way possible—in a way that doesn’t risk depleting their personal stash of goodies.

The statement isn’t go get your own. It’s far kinder than that. It's “Please do not be unreasonable and diminish my personal supply. Allow me to help you. And once you receive my gift, you’d be wise to emulate my behavior. Trust me.”

Our customers tell us this all the time. They hoard caramels in corners of the fridge, in the back of a cupboard, in desk drawers at the office, in their sock drawer, or even in their purse when they dare not let it leave their side (i.e., when they have kids). Some have even been known to use misinformation or even feign being hard of hearing when asked the whereabouts of the caramels in their home. This is serious business. 

We share this blog because some of you may have secretly considered hoarding, but have felt too guilty to deny loved ones. 

Do not feel guilty. 

If you do make that leap to creating your own secret stash of caramels, consider that it’s better to feel those pangs of guilt rather than the heartbreak, frustration and hostility (yes, hostility) that often accompanies finding an empty box at exactly the moment you were hoping for so much more.

Please know it's perfectly okay. Who knows? You may even be saving a relationship. 


  • Hi! We were lucky enough to snag a Millionaire Bar today and just shared it with our homemade lattes. Perfection!! Don’t see how you can improve them. They are the perfect balance of caramel, chocolate and shortbread. Can’t wait for more.

    Kathy Guida
  • Oh, my goodness, Michelle. The milk chocolate caramels with the smoked salt. Wow. I’m supposed to be abstaining from sweets during Lent but how can I not believe that with caramel in mouth, I’ll be a much SWEETER person? So good. . ..

    Ginny Read
  • I knew you were holding out on me. And now I have proof.


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