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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products organic?
As a rule, we tend to use ingredients that are from sustainably-minded local farms, small producers, and organic farms. We strongly believe these key ingredients make a superior product, so we use local heavy cream, local butter, local maple syrup, organic chocolate and organic cane sugar.

Do you use corn syrup?
No.  In fact, we don't use stabilizers of any kind in our caramels & our toffee.

Is your product gluten-free?
Yes, our gluten-free caramel base consists of cream, butter, sugar and lemon juice. Nothing we add, such as chocolate, spices, spirits and apple cider, contains gluten. 
How should I store toffee and caramels?
It’s important to store our preservative-free toffee and caramels properly to preserve their taste and texture. 

With proper storage in the cooler months, our dark chocolate toffee has a shelf life of approximately 6 weeks.
In a cool, non-humid environment, our caramels will last for up to 4 weeks if kept at room temperature (55º - 65º F).  Refrigeration can increase shelf life to 3 months. In conditions of extreme heat and humidity, they can also be frozen and will last roughly 6 months.

Is your product nut-free or peanut-free?
Our caramels are soy, nut and peanut free! However, we do make toffee with toasted pecans within the same facility.
Are your ingredients kosher? Are your products kosher?
Most of our products are kosher, however, we are not certified kosher.
Outside of your online store, where are your products sold?
Our list of retailers is available online and is constantly being updated.

Can I pick up your products locally without going to a retail store?
Many of our customers enjoy picking up their purchases made online at one of the local farmers markets where we sell our products. There’s no added fees and you get to shop at a terrific farmers market while you’re at it.

Does LPO provide personalized notes for gifts?
Yes, we can include a personal note at no additional charge.

Do you customize your products for special events?
We can customize our products for any event. Just email us at 
LaPetiteOccasion@icloud or give us a call at 917 213 5260.

Do you offer volume discounts for large orders?
Yes, for retail orders totaling more than $300.00 we offer a discount of 15%. Please contact us at or call us at 917 213 5260 to discuss these options.